Canadian Kite Legend Jason “Ghostrider” Maloney Joins Our Fundraising Initiative

Massive THANK YOU to our very own Canadian Kiteboarding/Foilboarding Legend Jason “Ghostrider” Maloney for supporting our fundraising initiative, buying our We Love Kiteboarding apparel, helping to raise more money for our Kite Beach Fund! Together, we will be sending ALL THE MONEY to Kite Beach, Cabarete, families in need!

Jason Maloney is the WOO #1 ALL-TIME LEADER in two categories:

Total Height: (1174.55km)

Total Airtime: (7 days, 17 hrs)

And, just to give you an idea, 1174.55km is the approximate distance from Toronto, ON to Kitty Hawk, NC, a drive that would take almost 13 hours by car!

And, WTF? 7 days flying in the air?

This guy is an astronaut!


But, wait, there is MORE!

How many Total Jumps do you think Jason has? Take a guess!

Now, guess again, much, much higher!

Now check the stats.

We Love The Ghostrider

Distance From Toronto ON To Kitty Hawk NC

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